My name is Maxine Anderson and I am a politics graduate who furthered my career in project management but always had an underlying love for beauty, hair and fitness.

In 2014, after having my first child, the time was right to follow my artistic dream and set up my own make-up, hair, beauty and fitness business. I wanted to go a step further than experimenting with hairstyles and make-up looks as I had on myself and friends throughout my twenties. 


I began, with the help and permission of some trusting friends and family, to create looks for them which lead me to embark on a  beauty qualification that has allowed me to practice on others with confidence and develop new skills and techniques.  I am now able to produce looks for all ages, races and occasions as my portfolio will demonstrate, and I am passionate about enhancing others beauty to give them added confidence when they need it most.


I finally feel that I have found my calling in life!

Tel: 07584 035 033

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